Monday, November 17, 2008

The many dances of Alaskan Native culture

Alaskan Native culture has a variety of things that help them get within their culture and learn more about it. Th picture to the right is an Alutiiq boy dancing next to his family members doing a traditional dance. I find this to be very facinating and excietitng to show your culture all round the world for everyone to see. The dances that they do are very traditional and inspirational to learn more about your culture.

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amysueno said...

My name is Amy Roberts and I am a researcher studying how children learn from observing and pitching-in to the important activities in their communities. I would like to use your picture "Andrew dancing" and another where children are sitting on the floor watching a dance for a professional presentation. They are both great demonstration of children paying close attention to, and learning from, adults.
Please let me know if I have your permission to use these photos.
Amy L D Roberts
PhD Candidate, UC Santa Cruz
Developmental Psychology