Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Exhibit:Giinaquq(Like A Face)

The Exhibit:Giinaquq(Like A Face) was a very interesting exhibit, i saw many masks that caught my eye and were very descriptive. Many of the masks in the exhibit had descriptions and meaning to each detail it had. Some were larger than others and had names to the face that it was making. I found this to be very intriguing and i found this museum to be very helpful and understanding to the Alaskan Native culture. Many of the exhibits that the museum had i found to be very insightful and told me how each item was made which was very nice. I would visit the museum again and would like to have more time to look around and ask questions. Here is a link to the Alaskan Native heritage site so you could look around and see the many activities that are going on during this exciting month. www.alaskanativeheritagemonth.org

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